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  • ++++Incoming Transmission++++
  • +from Segmentum Obscurus Command, Cypra Mundi+
  • +to Departmento Munitorum, Terra+
  • +security Ultima+
  • +date 0319014.M03+

The imperial forces engaged to secure the agri-world Ordel V have failed in their attempt to reclaim the planet from invading xenos forces. Elements of the Iron Hands, Blood Angels, Dark Angels, Grey Knights, and Lords of Vengeance have participated in a year long campaign for control of the world, but after the loss of the capital city, Populi Ordel, Segmentum Command has determined that the planet is now of limited tactical significance compared to other objectives within the Segmentum.

Reports from the Inquisition that an artifact of unknown provenance still exists on the planet have yet to be substantiated.

The Astartes forces were able to fight a delaying action that allowed a portion of the population, and much of the world’s industrial and materiel infrastructure, to be evacuated.

The Astartes will form the core of a new crusade fleet that will prosecute all out war against the denizen’s of the worlds of the Lazarus Reach, a frontier realm that fell from the light of the God-Emperor over 5,000 years ago. The survivors of Ordel V will be the first settlers on the worlds reclaimed during this glorious crusade.

The Astartes and Ordel survivors will rendezvous with Imperial Navy and Astra Militarum elements under the command of Warmaster Baldus, at the mining world Kraken.

The Emperor Protects.

Lord Commander Militant Drang,

Segmentum Obscurus